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LG display appears in Sid 2019 to re emphasize the general trend of OLED
新聞來源: 發布時間:[2019-07-17]

From May 14 to 16, the annual Sid (Society for information display) conference was held in San Jose Convention Center.

本届SID 2019上,LG Display再次展示多种创新OLED产品,并发表多项论文,同时强调,OLED是次时代显示技术的大势所趋,LG Display将不断巩固其OLED电视、车载P-OLED产品等高端OLED产品的技术领导力,不断推动OLED产业发展。

At this Sid 2019, LG display once again demonstrated a variety of innovative OLED products and published a number of papers. At the same time, it stressed that OLED is the trend of display technology in the next era. LG display will continue to consolidate the technical leadership of its OLED TV, automotive p-oled products and other high-end OLED products, and constantly promote the development of OLED industry.


Sid, founded in 1962, is a leading academic group in display field. At the annual Sid conference, enterprises and scholars in the global display industry will publish papers in various fields of display and display products, reflecting the latest progress in the display field.

SID 2019的展会部分, LG Display展厅正面的65英寸UHDRollable(可卷曲)OLED电视吸引了到会嘉宾的目光。去年,LG Display在全球首次展出Rollable(可卷曲)OLED显示产品,在画质、应用范围和设计自由度方面都获得了极高的评价,体现了OLED的差异化创新潜力。

In the exhibition part of SID 2019, the 65 inch UHD rollable (crimpable) OLED TV on the front of LG display hall attracted the attention of guests. Last year, LG display exhibited rollable OLED display products for the first time in the world. It received high evaluation in terms of image quality, application scope and design freedom, reflecting the differentiated innovation potential of OLED.

除了可卷曲电视产品之外,OLED简洁的结构使其还能轻松实现超高清、自发声等差异化体验。此次LG Display也展示了现有的OLED电视中最大的88英寸8K OLED电视以及无需音响、直接在屏幕画面上发出声音的88英寸8K 自发声OLED(Crystal Sound OLED)电视等产品,能够让现场的观众们亲身体验到次世代OLED电视带来的无与伦比的视听盛宴。

In addition to curly TV products, OLED's simple structure makes it easy to achieve ultra-high definition, self voice and other differential experience. The LG display also showed the largest 88 inch 8K OLED TV in the existing OLED TV and 88 inch 8K OLED (crystal sound OLED) TV without audio and directly making sound on the screen, which can let the audience experience the unparalleled audio-visual feast brought by the next generation of OLED TV.


In view of the rapid development of vehicle display market in recent years, lgdisplay makes a breakthrough with the core technology of high design freedom p-oled. P-oled has a clear picture quality and can naturally display curved surface. It is very suitable for vehicle environment and is considered as the best next generation vehicle display technology.

此次,LG Display展示了用2张P-OLED面板连接组成的12.3英寸数码仪表盘,13英寸信息显示中心(Center Information Display,CID),透光率可达45%的12.3英寸透明OLED显示器等产品组合而成的数码驾驶舱(Cockpit),为未来汽车市场指明了发展方向。

This time, LG display showed the cockpit composed of 12.3-inch digital instrument panel, 13 inch information display (CID), 12.3-inch transparent OLED display with 45% light transmittance, etc. connected by two p-oled panels, which indicated the development direction for the future automobile market.

除此之外,LG Display还展示了画质大幅度改善,能够满足提高医疗诊断准确度需求的数码X光检测仪(DXD, Digitalized X-Ray Detector)用显示屏、将触摸传感器集成在面板内部(in-TOUCH)的86英寸和43英寸UHD LCD电子白板等多种商用显示器创新产品。

In addition, LG display also shows many innovative commercial display products, such as the display for DXD (digital X-ray detector), 86 inch and 43 inch UHD LCD electronic whiteboard that integrates touch sensors into the panel (in-touch), which can greatly improve the image quality and meet the needs of improving the accuracy of medical diagnosis.

据悉,在此次SID 2019上,LG Display将发表包括OLED等显示领域在内的多篇最新研究论文,进一步证明其差异化技术力量。

It is reported that on this Sid 2019, LG display will publish a number of latest research papers including OLED and other display fields, further proving its differentiated technical strength.


It is worth mentioning that in this conference, Yin zhurong, director of lgdisplay Research Institute, dedicated to the development of transparent and crimpable OLED display screens of the next generation, and his contribution was recognized by the conference, and he was awarded a special merit award by Sid.

“LG Display创造了世界首款IPS、OLED电视显示行业历史。” LG Display CTO姜芢秉副社长表示:“公司将再接再厉,通过不断的研究开发,贡献出更好的技术和产品,巩固作为技术革新领先企业的地位。”

"LG display has created the history of the world's first IPS and OLED TV display industry." "The company will continue to make efforts to contribute better technology and products through continuous research and development and consolidate its position as a leading enterprise in technological innovation," said Jiang Jianbing, vice president of LG display CTO .

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