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Return to work and production
新聞來源: 發布時間:[2020-04-22]

In order to solve the "big problem" of employees returning to work, our company combined resources from all walks of life to help our employees return to work as soon as possible with "chartered car", "chartered plane" and other measures.

2月20日,捷星显示科技首批云南籍员工 “返岗复工包车”顺利抵达福清,市人社局相关领导与我司人力资源部甘乾桃经理一同前往到高速路口迎接这批返岗的员工。

On February 20, the first batch of Yunnan employees of  L&T display technology successfully arrived in Fuqing in the "return to work charter car". Relevant leaders of the municipal human resources and Social Security Bureau and manager Gan Qiantao of the human resources department of our company went to the intersection of the expressway to welcome these returned employees.


This Charter is the first direct special train arranged by L&T display technology for the returning employees from other places. Before departure, the management staff with the car was repeatedly told to carry out strict temperature detection for the returning employees, resolutely implement the 50% attendance rate required by the Ministry of transport, and scientifically arrange the seat distribution, so that the employees could get the largest space for scattered sitting.


In addition, each special vehicle is equipped with two drivers, who pay close attention to the health of employees during driving, and take a series of epidemic prevention measures such as ventilation throughout the whole process.


On that night, the staff of Fuqing Municipal Bureau of human resources and social security once again carried out the corresponding anti epidemic test for the returned employees, and also prepared the "anti epidemic comfort package" for all employees.


Manager Gan Qiantao of Human Resources Department of our company, on behalf of the company, welcomes all employees to "go home". Although the epidemic has blocked our distance, it has kept us from caring for each other. We are all part of Jetstar. This big family is always ready to welcome you back.

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