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Fuzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce visited our company for investigation
新聞來源: 發布時間:[2020-03-20]

On March 15, a delegation led by Pan Wen, deputy director of Fuzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce, visited our company to conduct research on the production and operation, import and export situation of our company in 2019, as well as issues related to Sino US trade friction. Senior manager Gan Qiantao from human resources department of our company received the visit.


At the symposium, manager Gan extended a warm welcome to Director Pan and his party, and briefly reported the company's production and operation plan and product orders in 2019. Then the two sides exchanged and discussed how to deal with the Sino US trade friction and the import and export situation of enterprises this year.


After learning that the overall production and export of our company will decline this year, director Pan said that whether the city's economy can continue to develop rapidly depends on the strong support of enterprises. As a major contributor to the city's output value and export, Jiexing company should face the difficulties and face the difficulties. Fuzhou Municipal Bureau of Commerce will also attach great importance to the problems faced by our company, discuss and formulate a series of policies and policies Enterprises cooperate to promote the sustainable development of enterprises and provide solid support for the economic development of our city.

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