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2019 AOC Channel Partner Conference held
新聞來源: 發布時間:[2019-11-13]

On April 9, 2019, AOC and its national channel partners traveled to Japan and held a grand AOC channel partner conference entitled "full screen new TV generation, set sail again in ten years". At the meeting, AOC announced the launch of a comprehensive software and hardware integrated full screen video solution, and accelerated the layout of B2B, new retail, to provide more valuable one-stop solutions and services for global consumers.


Duan Zhenhua, senior vice president and global general manager of OBM of TPV group, Nico, vice president and global general manager of OBM display Bu of TPV group, Yan Lidong, general manager of Edmund technology, Li Cheng, general manager of AOC channel / agon brand sales of Edmund technology, Lin Weikang, general manager of new AOC display retail of Edmund technology, fan Deyong, general manager of AOC display B2B of Edmund technology and AO C. colleagues from all functional departments attended the meeting, gathered with channel partners from all over the country, and carried out in-depth discussion on the current situation and trend of global display market, opportunities and challenges, and implementation measures of full screen video solutions.

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