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Jetstar display technology is a joint venture invested by LG Group and TPV Technology Group in the optoelectronic technology park of Fuqing Rongqiao economic and Technological Development Zone. The company was officially registered and established on December 7, 2009, with a total investment of US $50 million and a registered capital of US $17 million. It was officially put into production in May 2010. The company is mainly engaged in the development, design, production and sales of TFT-LCD flat-panel display, display materials, LCD, LCD monitor, LCD TV, computer display integrated machine, computer TV integrated machine and other display products and components, and provides technology and after-sales maintenance services for self-produced products.

捷星公司采用先进的生产理念,对传统的生产模式进行革命性的创新,生产线采用一体式总装生产工艺(BMS),即BLU、MOUDLE、SET同时生产,实现物流准时生产(JustIn Time)及零库存,从而实现集约化生产,达到空间资源利用最大化。

Jiexing company adopts the advanced production concept to carry out the revolutionary innovation of the traditional production mode. The production line adopts the integrated general assembly production process (BMS), that is, Blu, moudle and set are produced at the same time, realizing the just in time and zero inventory of logistics, so as to realize the intensive production and maximize the use of space resources.


Jiexing company is a strong alliance of two groups, which can simplify production process, reduce production energy consumption and improve production efficiency. At the same time, the vertical integration of upstream and downstream enterprises can effectively ensure the supply of raw materials and greatly enhance the market competitiveness of enterprises.


In the market environment where opportunities and challenges coexist, Jetstar will continue to strengthen its R & D capabilities, give full play to the professional talents and experience of its management team, and strive for more business opportunities and higher challenges in the competitive market.

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